Mini Golf Strike

Mini Golf Strike

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Mini Golf Strike is a mini golf game. ## Instructions * Game has 9 levels, each completed when you hit the ball to hole * Your final score is total amount of shots you needed to complete all levels *(the fewer the better)*. * To shoot ball, you need to press right mouse button, and then holding the button still, you have to slide mouse in opposite direction you want to shot, and then release the mouse button. The further you slide mouse, the stronger shot will be. * Dragging will only work, when you click on the field *(if you press background, it will not start dragging)*. * You can cancel drag if you press right moue button while dragging * Use middle mouse button to rotate camera around the ball * When you are dragging your shot, you will have indicator from ball, which shows power and the direction of the shot. * Your shot dragging will only work, if the mouse is on the field. When you will get the mouse away from field, you will be informed about it, by the red light which will show in the upper left corner, and your dragging will stop until you get the mouse back on the field. If you are aiming correctly, the light in upper left corner will be green. * Click right cross in upper right corner during game, to exit to main menu.

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