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Here you will find about a hundred text quests of various genres. Install and play in a couple of clicks. And these are not simple texts with a couple of choices of actions, but full-fledged quests with the active use of inventory, items in locations and communication with characters. There are also several games ported from the ZX-Spectrum and you can even play text quests from "Space Rangers"! PLEASE NOTE: Most of these games are written in Russian, some of them have been translated into other languages, but nevertheless, knowledge of the Russian language is necessary to complete most games. You may also check Non-Linear Text Quests game bundle, which contains a selection of games in English and Russian. In this application you will find: * over 150 exciting games * ‎adventure, fantasy, mystical and detective stories * Worlds for every taste: from our reality to space odysseys and post-apocalypse Plots of some games: Return of the Quantum Cat: The most famous game on the platform. You play as a forester whose cat has been stolen. The search leads you to a mysterious institute. Help save Barsik! Insteadose 3: Earth on the brink of disaster. Humankind's last hope is a huge spaceship that must go to distant stars in search of a new home for people. More than a thousand years to fly. And while people sleep in cryo-capsules, robots keep watch. Infected: It has been several years since the epidemic began. The first infected people died a long time ago, but the virus is still walking around the country, and you still need to be very careful. Civilization has perished. The more people gather together, the more likely it is that a new infected will appear, and then... Detective riddles: Short twisted stories that can only be solved if you are very attentive and quick-witted. Neither a pipe, like that of Inspector Varnicke, nor a mustache, like that of Poirot, will help you, but you will have to master the methods of deduction and logic that these book detectives have endowed with their authors. The full list of games can be found on the site You can discuss the application and games on the website forum The INSTEAD (Simple Text Adventure, The Interpreter) interpreter allows you to play games that are a mixture of visual novel, text quest and classic 90s quests. Such games can be conditionally called “textographic”. You can get some idea of ​​the genre if you have played quests on the ZX-Spectrum, text input games or graphic quests from Lucas Arts. The genre of games under INSTEAD incorporates some of the ideas from the mentioned games but makes them more accessible to modern gamers. This means that whether you like modern games or not - you can enjoy the games on INSTEAD! If you don't like modern commercial games, or you're in your 30s and have fond memories of childhood games, stories on INSTEAD might be an outlet for you. If you love modern games - INSTEAD can give you something new. Features of the INSTEAD engine: * portability (Unix, Windows, Android, OS X...); * ease of game development (using Lua); * flexibility; In addition to its main purpose, the INSTEAD engine is currently used to write games and other genres. For example, simple arcade or casual games can also be executed by the interpreter. Also, there are modules for running games from other engines. For example, you can play text quests from the game “Space Rangers.” So, if you're interested, you can download the interpreter and try playing the games or just see what some of them look like.

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