Helicopter Money

Helicopter Money

Marcin Szelc • Action & adventure • Family & kids • Racing & flying • Simulation
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En promotion : économisez £2.50, se termine dans 22 jours


Helicopter Money - full version. A game for one or two players in split-screen mode.the player controls the helicopter and collects the falling coins. He gets 3 points for gold coins, and 2 points for silver ones. There are also chests with coins to find, for each of them the player receives 15 points The player who collects the most value of coins in a given time wins. The player has many switchable cameras at his disposal, thanks to which he can easily observe the area. The game requires sharpness and reflexes. You have to be careful not to crash the helicopter. After it is damaged, the engine runs slower. You can play alone, breaking your records, or in pairs. Fun r both children and adults. The game requires sharpness and reflexes. The best time results on individual routes are also recorded. The game runs in full-screen or windowed mode and in various resolutions. Available on Xbox One and Windows 10. Control with a Pad (preferably from Xbox One) or the keyboard. On Windows, it is possible to play with two pads or a pad and keyboard.

Publié par

Marcin Szelc

Développé par

X Race, Marcin Szelc

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Playable on

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Local multiplayer
  • Single player
  • Shared/split screen
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • Xbox Live