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Endless Legend - Shifters
Endless Legend - Shifters

Endless Legend - Shifters

SEGA Europe Ltd • Simulation • Strategy
For ages 12 and over, Moderate Violence

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This content requires a game (sold separately).


When the Endless first came to Auriga they did not find an empty planet, but one teeming with life -- some of it intelligent. The Guardians, caretakers of the planets, were one sentient species; another were their helpers and comrades, the Allayi. The Allayi were broken and scattered by the Endless, and for centuries they have survived on the fringes of existence. Handing their traditions and stories down in the form of a religious text, the Epistles, and a book of prayer, the Euchologion, they have been waiting in the snows and the shadows until Auriga once again needs them. And it seems that this time has come...

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