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Doombox & Sonata Visualizer Bundle

Team Reptile B.V. • Fighting
For ages 12 and over, Moderate Violence, Mild Swearing

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After one of his many rampages Doombox woke up chained up in a brightly lit laboratory. Pretending to be in stand-by mode, he overheard the heated discussions of his captors. "It's still subject A1, it just fused with a boombox somehow. The energy signal is not unique, that's why you destroyed that lab in South Shine City instead". "We had to use the cannon!! There was no other way!". Doombox couldn't care less about them. He blasted his chains off and shattered all the glass in the room. A half-liquid entity dripped down on him from a canister labelled B1. That was the last thing he remembered. During a hefty Lethal League Match between Doombox and Sonata, Doombox suddenly transformed back into his Boombox form and spit out an indescribable entity. Sonata was taken aback at the way it crept towards her when it suddenly leaped at her. Sonata's vision faded and her mind spiralled out of consciousness... When she came to, she could feel the beat of her boomhammer flow through her veins. This is not bad at all...

Published by
Team Reptile B.V.
Developed by
Team Reptile B.V.
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Playable on

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S

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