Connect In A Row Puzzle Solver
Connect In A Row Puzzle Solver

Connect In A Row Puzzle Solver

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Connect In a Row is an easy-to-play multiplayer classic strategy board game. The goal is to connect 4 in a row, or depending on the chosen game mode, 3 to 6 in a line - Connect your predefined pieces before your opponent! Show your logic and puzzle solver skills - Connect them all! There are three modes in this game. In the single-player mode, there are 30+ levels. Players can unlock one level by playing the previous level. In the two-player mode, one can choose from four different grid dimensions. And lastly, in the Puzzle mode, a player can choose the move he can play. The player must win in the predefined moves. How to play? - Tap to drop the piece into the desired position. - Follow the opponent's moves and create your strategy. - Connect 3 or 4 in a row (depending on the chosen game mode) vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. - Win! Connect In a Row is a great way to pass your free time. It is one of the most popular strategy board games in the world! Our free strategy puzzle board game offers: - Single-player mode - In this mode, you are playing against CPU, and the goal is to connect 3 in a row - Two-player mode - Here you can play against your friends, and based on the grid size that you choose, the goal is to connect 3 in a row, up to six. - Puzzle mode - This mode offers something different. Here you can choose the move from which you will start. The ultimate goal is to connect 4 in a line. - Various backgrounds - Backgrounds are changeable and you can choose from 16 different background colors. - Train your brain - Lots of puzzles to train your brain. The objective of the puzzles is to assemble predefined pieces in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) in given moves. - Difficulty levels - Based on your current puzzle solver skills, you can choose easy, medium, and hard modes in the single-player game. - Themes - There are four themes to choose from: Classic, Fruit, Brick, and Modern. - Different avatar options - You are given the option to choose between different avatars. If you are already a Pro then switch to the very hard mode and get ready for real brain action by playing this game or play the challenges and puzzles section to train your brain. In a multiplayer mode of this board game, you can choose different grid sizes: - 6x6 - 7x7 - 8x8 - 9x9 Connect 4 in a line (or 3 to 6 based on grid size) horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win the match. Start playing Connect In a Row on your Android device for free. Get the Align it now and let the fun begins! When it is your turn, it is important to look around the board and check if there are some spots where the opponent can hit a winning streak and block those spaces. Four in a row is a strategy puzzle board game, so it is important to plan ahead. There are different tactics to achieve the goal, but you should choose your moves wisely, so you can be able to connect them all first. Additionally, playing board games like four in a row will help you to boost cognitive skills and strategic thinking. Download our strategy board game and start your puzzle solver journey. Connect 4 in a row to win - Connect them all! Challenge your friends to play with you in a two people game mode - Show your skills!

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