ACE CHASE : 2D Escaping Plane

ACE CHASE : 2D Escaping Plane

Neodymium • Classics • Family & kids • Racing & flying


Immerse yourself in ACE CHASE, a thrilling 2D airplane game now available for your PC and Xbox via the Microsoft Store. In this exciting adventure, you are in the cockpit of the fearless Red Dart, a speedy aircraft, navigating through an obstacle course in the skies. Your challenge is simple yet thrilling - dodge the continuous barrage of enemy missiles and kamikaze planes aiming to take you down. The action never stops, as you twist, turn, dive and climb to evade threats from all directions. But there's a catch! Scattered throughout your escape route are circles symbolized with a sergeant's insignia. These are your life-savers! Collect them to gain a temporary burst of speed, crucial for maneuvering through tight spots and leaving your adversaries in the dust. ACE CHASE is a heart-racing, edge-of-your-seat gaming experience that combines straightforward gameplay with high-speed aerial stunts. The combination of simple controls, immersive graphics, and intense action makes ACE CHASE a game that you'll keep coming back to. ACE CHASE - it's a fast-paced world up there, are you ready to take the flight? Remember, in this high-stakes chase, speed isn't just an option; it's your key to survival!

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