A Time Traveller's Guide To Past Delicacies

A Time Traveller's Guide To Past Delicacies

Sometimes YouSimulationAction & adventureOther
2 Supported languages
2 Supported languages
For ages 12 and over
Mild Swearing


A short game about a fictional time traveler raiding the past to steal recipes. Follow a sock puppet into the dark bowels of time and learn new recipes. Meet your long-dead ancestors. Exploit them to further your cooking skills. Take some pictures of dinosaurs. Appropriate what you can. This is an experimental story-driven adventure. Don't expect state-of-the-art cooking gameplay. Mostly, you will watch videos, cook some simple meals, trying to cope with things falling out of hand, and explore some strange places.

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Sometimes You

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Single player
  • 60 fps+
  • Xbox One X Enhanced
  • Xbox achievements
  • Xbox presence
  • Xbox cloud saves
  • Xbox Live