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WATCH 4K TRAILER [XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah, the joy of a new voyage far across the Sea of Thieves. Just you, the wide open world and-- oh, it's not just you. She's here, too. Oh, and this guy's here. But the point is this is a shared world, ripe for exploring and raiding with your fine pirate crew. Look at them, scurrying around, making themselves useful. That's what we like to see. The world of Sea of Thieves seethes with possibilities, with adventure skulking above and below the waves. All you have to do is jump in and-- oh, there she goes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Few things tempt a pirate like the siren song of a lootable shipwreck. Careful, though. There could be anything down there. Literally. There could be anything. We haven't finished designing it yet. Joking. That was a joke. Ah, sunken treasure. It's like a pirate performance bonus. [GASPING] Every player's decisions and discoveries will be different, but however you plan on seeking your fortune, it pays to be prepared. For gigantic lumps of iron, these are surprisingly portable. Amazing workmanship. Anyway, better get them back on board while the coast is clear. There's really no sense in pushing your luck down here. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Now that is not a beast you want to pick a fight with. Yes, it's possible to take on these toothy terrors of the deep, but you're not much use to your crew bitten in two. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [GASPING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Sometimes, a tactical retreat is perfectly acceptable, in the spirit of that legendary pirate captain, Pathetic Dave. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Thankfully, for every tense stand-off, there's a moment of celebration or shared wonder. But for now, store your hard-earned loot and enjoy the voyage. "On Devil's Ridge beneath the sands, the gold lies hidden from thieving hands." Well, that's typical. Oh, look. Here we are at Devil's Ridge. Nice transition, by the way. And so you shift from the heart of the sea to the island shore, where you'll explore jungles and coves, cliff tops and caverns. Every region has its very own landmarks and over time, you'll uncover hidden shortcuts, abandoned stashes and vistas that will steal your grog-soaked breath away. And, yes, sometimes you'll encounter people who-- for whatever reason-- would like to blow you into little pieces. That's pirating for you. Keep that pistol primed, because you'll also face the roaming remains of those raiders who came before you, cut short in pursuit of their own legends. [GUNSHOTS] And afterlife of fighting and troublemaking until all your bits fall off. It's what they would have wanted. Now, make sure your crew mates all have a part to play. [SCREAMING] Yep, that works. And look, he brought the riddle map. "Seek the cursed boar shrine where there is no sky. It lies in wait for a light held high." Right. Well, that's got to be around here somewhere. But if you've got a bad feeling, you can always leave someone on board to brace the ship for a speedy getaway. Decisions, decisions. Ah, looks like they've sniffed out that place "where there is no sky." Time to pool your resources as you plunge into the unknown. [MUSIC PLAYING] It would be easy to come a cropper in these claustrophobic caves. You don't want to wander off track, unless, of course, you're streaming. Then you'll have loads of people in the chat telling you what to do anyway. [MUSIC PLAYING] Don't mind that. It's probably nothing. Just... kids. [MUSIC PLAYING] Of course, the premier plunder isn't just lying around to be cleaned by any old drunken bumbler. You'll need to watch out for likely locations, following your map, clues and your instincts to make light work of each new mystery. Light work. Little lantern work there. You're welcome. Anyway, "Step 11 paces north west through the gloom. Dig my chest from its tomb." Hmm. And with that, we're one step closer to pay day. Then again, some of the loot in these parts has lain undisturbed for a long, long time. That has to be the spot. You can practically taste the treasure. Good call on your double-duty shovel work, too. That storm outside was nipping at your heels. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah, very nice. Of course, the trouble with treasure as a rule is that the owners really like to hang onto it. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] If you've got your hands full, it's up to your crew to watch your back. [GUNSHOTS] And while they're doing that, it's time for another strategic withdrawal with the loot. Nope, not that way. That's it. Easy now. Don't stop! Keep going. Almost there. Watch that next step. It's a doozy. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Now, that's a rescue. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNSHOTS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNSHOTS] [THUNDER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNSHOTS] [MUSIC PLAYING] If you can regularly beat the odds and get chests back to your ship, you'll be able to turn a tidy profit by trading them in at an outpost. There's just a tiny matter of making it through this storm in one piece. [BELL RINGING] [GUNSHOTS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [GUNSHOTS] [THUNDER] [GUNSHOTS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [GUNSHOTS] All pirate life is here on the Sea of Thieves, and you can live yours however you want. So rally your crew! Swear your oaths and set sail for riches and infamy! Become a pirate of legend. Just... try not to be this one. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]




Trailers and gameplay

Shared world

Shared-World Adventure Game created by Rare Ltd. Be the pirates you want to be in a shared world filled with real players.

True cooperative gameplay

It’s your crew VS the world.

Immersive action and adventure

A rich, fantastical world of unspoiled islands, monsters and mythical creatures.

Seek out treasure and adventure

Sail together on voyages to distant shores on the hunt for riches and renown. Unravel ancient riddles, face off against hordes of monstrous creatures or plunder from other pirate crews – the choice is yours!

Game details

A Shared-World Adventure Game that lets you be the pirate you’ve always dreamed of in a world of danger and discovery. Explore a vast ocean where every sail on the horizon means a ship filled with real players who may be friends or foes. Form a crew and voyage to treasure-filled islands, face legendary creatures and test your mettle in epic ship battles against other pirates.

Additional information

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  • Publisher
  • Microsoft Studios
  • Developer
  • Rare
  • Genre
  • Action-adventure
  • Platforms
  • Xbox One and Windows 10
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