Main terms: The Xbox All Access Bundle (the “Bundle”) consists of all of the following elements: a) an Xbox One console, b) a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership (please see further details below), and c) if you are eligible, the option to upgrade to the next console with a new Xbox All Access Purchase (see Upgrade terms below).

The Xbox One console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership are sold to the customer by retailer. Finance is provided for the purchase by Klarna Bank AB. For more information, see Klarna's Credit Agreement at for terms and conditions for the financing. When you purchase the Bundle, you are buying the console and the entire 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership at the time of purchase. This offer is available at participating retailers in the United Kingdom, while supplies last.

Prior orders and purchases cannot be retrospectively incorporated into a Bundle. This offer cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or promo code(s). This offer may not be combined with other offers.

Shipping and other charges are extra and may vary.

This offer is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

The retailer reserves the right to cancel or suspend the sale of the Bundle if circumstances beyond the retailer's control make continued sales of the Bundle difficult or impossible.

Warranty: The console contained within the Bundle is under a 1 year limited hardware warranty (including for controllers) regardless of length of financing. (Please see details of the Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty at: Your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act and other consumer legislation are unaffected.

Returns: The Bundle may be returned for a full refund until the earlier of 30 days or the return policy set by the retailer. See retailer for return policy.

Privacy Policy: Use of any personal data which you share with the retailer or Klarna will be governed by the retailer's or Klarna's respective privacy policies. Please contact the retailer or Klarna for further details. Microsoft's use of personal data will governed by Microsoft's privacy policy. For full details please see:, which will also be made available to users as part of the signup process to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership or otherwise when appropriate where Microsoft receives your personal data.

Service Terms: Use of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership will be subject to the Microsoft Services Agreement. These can be found at:, which will also be made available to users as part of the signup process to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

24 Months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Details:

Your 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership is delivered directly to your console during set-up and is available in Settings; no codes required. Must be redeemed on the console purchased in the Bundle. Use your active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to play games on Xbox One and successor consoles, and Windows 10 PC (excludes Windows 10 in S mode and on ARM devices), and stream select games (where available) to your supported devices.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Live Gold and additional benefits.

Purchase of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate automatically upgrades your existing Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and/or EA Access/EA Play membership(s) to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a conversion ratio each based on days remaining. Learn how this works at

Future code redemptions are also subject to a conversion ratio. Conversion ratio subject to change.

All conversions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are final: Once converted, you cannot re-convert your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership back to a previous membership. EA Access subject to terms: Other existing subscriptions may also be subject to conversion.

Maximum 36 months of redeemed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate per account at a time, including any converted time from Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass (for PC or console).

Game titles, number, and features vary over time, by region and platform. Notice before purchase of add-ons, DLC, consumables, virtual currency, or subscriptions (sold separately).

If your membership terminates or a game is removed from the catalogue, you must reactivate your membership or buy the game separately to continue using these items. Requires download(s) (significant storage, broadband, and ISP fees apply) and Microsoft account. May require additional hardware and subscriptions.

Age restrictions apply. Online multiplayer between Xbox console generations not supported in some games. Xbox Game Pass discounts are based on Microsoft Store price and are not combinable with other offers and are not redeemable for cash. Discount offers exclude titles within 30 days of launch and are not available with select titles. Number and content of Perks vary by region, platform, and over time, and must be redeemed by stated timeframe. Service, features, and requirements may change or be retired. Subject to the Microsoft Services Agreement ( For PC: App download, Windows update(s), and storage required (

System requirements vary by game; performance scales with higher end systems.

Game streaming: Streaming limits apply. Streaming performance is affected by internet connection, data centre proximity, device, and other factors. Your gameplay on other devices may be limited. See Usage Rules ( for more information. Streamed games may have limited functionality. Streaming may require compatible controller (sold separately).

Upgrade Terms

If you meet the eligibility requirements listed below, you are eligible to upgrade your Xbox console purchased with Xbox All Access to the next Xbox console (coming late 2020) after making the equivalent of 18 full payments to your Klarna account in respect of your Xbox All Access Bundle. In order to upgrade, you must either trade in your existing Xbox console (in good condition) or pay off the remaining hardware balance for your existing Xbox console.

You may upgrade from Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition to the next Xbox console (coming late 2020) only. Upgrading from Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will require payment of an upgrade fee (currently GBP£15, subject to change); upgrading from Xbox One X and Xbox One S do not require payment of an upgrade fee.

Upgrade Eligibility Requirements. You must meet all of the following eligibility requirements in order to exercise the option to upgrade to the next Xbox console:

  • You must perform the upgrade with the same retailer from which you bought your original console with Xbox All Access (it may be a different location, but must be the same retail chain).

  • You must have proof of identity that you are the person who has the Klarna Credit account associated with the console serial number.

  • You must have made the equivalent of at least 18 full payments on your 24-month payment plan or credit agreement with Klarna in respect of your Xbox All Access Bundle.

  • You must trade in your original console, power supply unit (charging cable), and one controller to our trade-in partner in good condition (meeting the condition requirements set out below) within 15 days of the date of completion of the Xbox All Access console upgrade (if you purchased online). -OR- You may purchase the original console (by paying any remaining hardware balance to Klarna).

  • You must successfully apply for and agree to enter into a new 24-month Xbox All Access contract with Klarna or another Microsoft-approved financing partner. Financing is subject to approval by such partner and will be provided in accordance with such partner’s applicable credit terms and conditions.

  • You must exercise your upgrade option, using the upgrade process below, prior to the completion of your 24-month payment plan for Xbox All Access under your Klarna Credit Agreement.

Upgrade Process. To exercise your upgrade option, you must follow the instructions provided to you by Microsoft and/or Klarna. You may decide whether to trade in your old console or pay off the remainder of the balance on the hardware and keep the old console.

If you opt to keep the old Xbox All Access console and purchase a new console with Xbox All Access, you will be responsible for paying the outstanding balance on your console hardware (but will not be obligated to pay for the remainder of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service for the old console). You can receive more information about the buyout process from Klarna.

Trade-In Process. If you opt to trade in your old console, you must follow the process below.

You must trade in your original console, power supply unit and controller in good condition. PLEASE NOTE: You should ONLY trade in your console and the power supply unit (charging cable) and one controller. You should NOT trade in any other accessories (e.g., additional controllers, headsets), or any optional components purchased with the original console. If you send your accessories with your console to the trade-in partner, your accessories WILL NOT be returned to you and will be recycled in accordance with Responsible Recycling standards.

Traded-in consoles must meet the following requirements to be deemed to be in “good condition”:

  • The power supply unit (charging cable) must be included;

  • A functional, standard controller must be included;

  • The console must turn on and boot up to the start screen; and

  • The housing must be completely intact without cracks or missing parts and cannot have any etchings or asset tags.

The determination of whether the console is in “good condition” will be made by the trade-in partner once your console has been received according to their reasonable opinion.

Do not ship the console without receiving the necessary documentation and labels. Follow the instructions provided by the trade-in partner to ship the old console. You will have 15 days from the date of purchase of your new Xbox All Access console to trade in your old Xbox All Access console. We will not arrange for the balance outstanding for the old console under your Klarna payment plan or credit agreement to be settled if you do not trade in your console within the allotted time.

If you trade in the console within the allotted time and the console has been determined to be in “good condition,” as outlined above, you will be released from your remaining payment obligations on the old console.

If your old Xbox All Access console is determined not to be in “good condition” or is missing the controller and/or power supply, it will be returned to you, and you will be responsible for any remaining payment obligations for the old console under the terms of your credit agreement with Klarna.