Off The Grid

Off The Grid

Gunzilla Games • Shooter • Multi-Player Online Battle Arena
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
For ages 18 and over
Extreme Violence, Strong Language

Users Interact, In-Game Purchases

Online multiplayer on console requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass Core (sold separately).


Dive into the most extreme battle royale ever created! Three gaming companies have set aside their differences to develop the ultimate adrenaline rush for pro gamers on a dystopian tropical island scarred by a history of corporate warfare. With a seamless blend of PvP and PvE elements, this cyberpunk battle royale envisioned by Neill Blomkamp (District 9) will set a new standard for the genre. Experience a 60-hour-long immersive narrative campaign on Teardrop Island while simultaneously surviving a 150-player battle royale — no problem for an elite gamer such as yourself, right? Build your ultimate character by extracting high-value loot from the Island and empower your character with unique abilities by modifying your body with cybernetic limbs during the gameplay session.

Published by

Gunzilla Games

Developed by

Gunzilla Games

Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Online multiplayer (150-150)
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Spatial Sound
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox Live