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Football Manager 2024

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Step into the shoes of a real boss, managing the world’s best teams and writing your own football story in Football Manager 2024, the most complete edition in the series yet. Will you use the new ability to import an existing career from Football Manager 2023 and remain relentless in your long-term quest for glory? Alternatively, with the newly licensed Meiji Yasuda Ltd J.1 League, J.2 League and J.3 League unlocking Japan as a playable nation, are you ready to explore fresh horizons? Game Description - Create a winning approach on the tactics board, incorporating modern football’s most popular systems and positional innovations to deliver victories on the pitch. - Build a squad capable of achieving all of your goals, mastering the transfer market to get the advantage over your rivals. - Level up your players on the training field, building the mentality needed to turn a team from contenders to champions. - Realise your vision on Matchdays, with every game elevated by improvements to ball and player movements. NEW FOR THIS SEASON TRUER FOOTBALL MOTION Enhancements to player animations, ball physics and lighting deliver the most immersive Match Engine in Football Manager history. Move to the cutting edge of football by using the new Inverted Full-Back player role, while more intelligent player rotational movements adds more fluidity to every highlight DOMINATE FROM SET PIECES Make an impact at both ends of the pitch with an overhauled Set Piece Creator. Lean on the expertise of brand-new Set Piece Coaches to develop winning routines in every scenario and outsmart your rivals. NEW TOOLS TO BUILD A DREAM SQUAD Better shape your perfect squad with the introduction of new Intermediaries that will help you offload surplus players for a cut of the final transfer fee. Additional functionality for existing Agents and the debut of TransferRoom, a football marketplace for transfers in real life, gives you more real-world powered tools than ever to build an elite team and dominate the competition. BRACE FOR TRANSFER BATTLES Showcase your squad-building skills in our most refined transfer market yet. You’ll face a trickier battle for talent as your rival opposition managers are now more strategic than ever in their recruitment decision-making. ELEVATE PERFORMANCES WITH TARGETS Motivate your team to achieve more on and off the field by setting them individual Targets. Whether you’re focusing on goals scored in a season or average training performances, challenge your star players and top prospects to maximise their ability. FURTHER GAMEPLAY UPGRADES Enjoy greater variety in every career with the arrival of two new game modes. Real World mirrors when players actually joined your club. Your World sets club squads and budgets at the day your career starts, meaning that only players who joined before that date will be in your squad, giving you the opportunity to rewrite your team’s transfer window. Elsewhere, you can look to dominate international management and plan for your country's future with a revamped National Pool that gives you a better overview of the talent at your disposal. Match preparation and briefing meetings deliver you winning insights before each fixture. That’s not all though, with many more changes waiting for you to discover in every career. This version contains information that is still under approval process by rights holders and may contain data that does not, at this time, accurately reflect real world data. For context, some club and player assets may be absent during this version.

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