The Surge - Cutting Edge Pack
The Surge - Cutting Edge Pack

The Surge - Cutting Edge Pack

Focus Entertainment • Rolové
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Discover 3 new armor sets and their brutal new weapons from CREO’s most advanced R&D programs. After ‘The Incident’, these cutting edge medical, space, and nanite technologies left the labs on the backs of your deranged former colleagues. Follow their trail as you fight your way through the CREO Complex, cut them from your enemies and equip them to get unique bonuses! This pack includes: - The “Angel VI” space exo-gear - The “Asclepius” medic exo-gear - The “Nano Ward” exo-gear - 3 new unique weapons, 1 for each set above - 3 new jumpsuits to equip in the OPS room.


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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S