Map Pack 3
Map Pack 3

Map Pack 3

Capcom • Akční a adventury • Střílečky
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Expand your Lost Planet 3 multiplayer experience with 2 extra maps.In Convoy Chasm, NEVEC is escorting a battle cat through a mountain pass, carrying vital secrets. As the Snow Pirates learn about this, they ambush the Convoy in the pass. Prevent NEVEC from getting through the Chasm as the Snow Pirates. As NEVEC, get through at all costs. With verticality playing a key role, use whatever means necessary to help your team succeed.In Siege, NEVEC and Snow Pirates fight over a military base key to NEVEC’s military operations. As Snow Pirates, break in at all costs, secure the Pure Thermal Energy and get out of there using the air transport as quickly as possible. As NEVEC, prevent the Snow Pirates from their smash and grab tactics and secure the base.




Spark Unlimited

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