Planet Coaster: Magnificent Rides Collection
Planet Coaster: Magnificent Rides Collection

Planet Coaster: Magnificent Rides Collection

Frontier Developments • Simulátory • Strategické hry
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Take your coaster park to the next level with the Magnificent Rides Collection. Thrill and delight your guests in all new ways. Easily use the new blueprints and customise rides to further develop your existing operations and increase business profitability as you build the coaster park of your dreams. Flat Rides Taking inspiration from travelling fairs, Power Moves gives riders the spin of a lifetime. It also comes with its own customisable background to truly set the stage. Hyperjump and Ascendance fling your guests skyward in so many ways from the classic stall before plummeting them back down to earth. Swift Eagles takes guests soaring through the air in winged cars, while The Grand Carousel is fun for the whole family. Roller Coasters A firm fan favourite, the S. L. V. is beautifully designed and superbly detailed, featuring both a shuttle mode and a looping mode for maximum flexibility. The Vector comes complete with a chain-lift and LSM for a multi-launch loop. The result is a smooth ride every time. Then there’s the brutally unforgiving Mind Melt, a classic inverted coaster to test the toughest of guests. Tracked Rides Enhance your guests’ dark ride experience with the Tracker, a 3D mover for up to eight guests, which spins, pitches, and banks to bring the ride’s story to life. Transport Rides Offer guests the scenic route across your park with Skies, a classic chairlift lovingly crafted to deliver a truly wonderful experience. Lighten the load on pathways while letting your visitors recover from some of their more extreme excursions.

Frontier Developments
Frontier Developments
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