Fantasy General II: Onslaught
Fantasy General II: Onslaught

Fantasy General II: Onslaught

Slitherine Software Limited • RPG • Strategické hry
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Death comes from above in the new expansion for Fantasy General II, Onslaught. 13 new aerial units are introduced, greatly expanding the original roster and allowing for daring new tactics and manoeuvres. Eagle Bombers, Firebirds, Pegasus Flamers, Monster Hunters, and more: you’ll have no shortage of options. Deploy these units in the brand-new ONSLAUGHT campaign, where a strange dream leads you to hunt for the mysterious Book of Krell. The campaign has over 30 procedurally generated maps, from the abandoned castle of King Dragga to the Lizard infested shores of Eastern Keldonia, until you must finally face The Unspeakable. Choose your General from one of several heroes, each with different skills, armies and advantages, pick your rewards for winning maps and evolve your strategies: the campaign provides endless replayability. Combined with the new Iron Maiden mode, Onslaught offers the ultimate Fantasy General II challenge.

Slitherine Software Limited
Owned by Gravity GmbH
Dátum vydania
6. 11. 2020

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Xbox One
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