Ellada Games RPG Bundle
Ellada Games RPG Bundle

Ellada Games RPG Bundle

Ellada Games • Akčné a adventúry
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Podporované jazyky: 15
Podporované jazyky: 15
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A special selection of the best RPG games in one bundle: Surviving in the cold harsh world of Niffelheim you can become a viking, a valkyrie or a shaman. Explore this dangerous world and find your path to Valhalla! Spaceland - a game for true sci-fi fans lets you assemble the most daring cosmic ranger team and unravel the secrets of a mystical planet. Would you prefer to be a brave pirate or a sorcerer's apprentice? All these characters are waiting for you in our turn-based strategy Braveland Trilogy! Control squads of archers, healers, crossbowmen and knights to dominate this colorful world!

Ellada Games
Ellada Games & Tortuga Team
Dátum vydania
5. 11. 2021

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