DIRT 5 Year One Edition
DIRT 5 Year One Edition

DIRT 5 Year One Edition

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89,99 €
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Xbox Play Anywhere
7Funkcie zjednodušenia ovládania

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+ Ponúka nákupy v rámci aplikácie.

Hranie online hier pre viacerých hráčov na konzole vyžaduje predplatné na Xbox (predplatné sa predáva samostatne).


Punch your ticket to a host of incredible DIRT 5 perks and content by purchasing the Year 1 Edition. "Year 1 Edition players have instant access to three ready-to-race cars in their garage (Ariel Nomad Tactical, Audi TT Safari, Volkswagen Beetle Rallycross), three player sponsors with fresh objectives, rewards and liveries, and boosts to currency and XP earnings. After launch, we are committed to developing a massive selection of new show-stopping moments, and new ways to truly Let Loose. Year 1 Edition players get access to all DIRT 5 content in the 12 months after launch, including a minimum of 12 new cars, 60 new Career events, new player sponsors, rewards, liveries, and more! Grabbing DIRT 5: Year 1 Edition ensures you have the keys to everything the boldest, bravest off-road racing game has to offer at launch, and are first in line for everything we create in Year 1!" "Not only that but with Smart Delivery, you can upgrade your current-gen version of DIRT 5 to the optimised, enhanced version for Xbox Series X|S, free of charge! Xbox Series S required a digital version for the upgrade. "

Dátum vydania
25. 1. 2021

Hrateľné na

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Xbox – lokálna kooperatívna hra (2-4)
Xbox – hra pre viacerých hráčov v lokálnej sieti (2-4)
Viacero hráčov online (2-14)
4K Ultra HD
Jeden hráč
Zdieľaná/rozdelená obrazovka
Optimalizované pre Xbox Series X|S
Inteligentné doručenie
Xbox – prítomnosť
Xbox – kluby
Xbox Play Anywhere
Xbox Live

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  1. DIRT 5 Year One Edition
    DIRT 5 Year One Edition
    89,99 €
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    DIRT 5 Year One Edition
    89,99 €TOTO VYDANIE

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