Sea Salt
Sea Salt

Sea Salt

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Старше 18 лет, Насилие

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Sea Salt is an action strategy hybrid, in which you are an Old God summoning unfathomable horrors to blight the human lands. You will have your sacrifice, and humanity will pay for denying you what you are owed. Summoning a tide of minions, your army will emerge from the sea to take vengeance on the religious figures who have dared to defy you, and anyone else that stands in your way. When humanity prayed you were willing to offer them fair winds for their fishing vessels, and they enjoyed the riches and prosperity you provided. They knew the price, but cowardice overtook their faith when the time came to collect. The bishop of your church defied your will, but when the horrors of the deep emerge from the gloom he will beg for the mercy of a swift death.

YCJY Games
YCJY Games
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