Monkey King Saga

Monkey King Saga

eHome Entertainment Development Company Ltd. • Actie en avontuur • Strategie • Simulatie
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Defend your master in epic battles, evolve your heroes, and turn monsters into allies as you journey through mythical China! The unlikeliest of heroes join forces to help their monk fulfill his journey across perilous lands set in the world of “Journey to the West”. Recover the sacred scrolls and bring peace to the kingdom in this action-packed, innovative, ‘twist’ on the classic tower-defense game! Now you have complete control of god-like heroes that are free moving within the environments, and bring new strategies and awesome powers to the action. Monkey King Saga takes players on a mythical journey across Eastern China, through forests, over mountains, across deserts and down into Vultures peak in India to retrieve the sacred scrolls. Play the Monkey King, Pigsy and Sandy simultaneously, as they journey across ancient China protecting Tripitaka the Monk from all that would do him harm.

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