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14 지원 언어
14 지원 언어
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전체 이용가
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Embark on a valiant quest to save your toy village in the hit first-person open-world puzzle platformer! Roam and explore a huge interconnected world. Unlock powerful new abilities and combine them to overcome imaginative puzzles or uncover shrouded secrets. Defeat charging hordes in fast, frenetic first-person combat as you battle your way towards an audience with the Blue King. Supraland is the ultimate "sandbox" adventure and offers players a fresh take on puzzles, exploration, and adventure! Game features: - 12–25 hours of open-world puzzle, action and platformer gameplay - A grand adventure in a tiny "sandbox", with rewarding exploration gameplay and hundreds of secrets to discover - Discover exciting upgrades and unlock a wide range of game-changing weapons and abilities - Family-friendly visuals combined with countless crafty puzzles

Humble Games
Supra Games
출시 날짜
2021. 3. 25.

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