Space RPG (Xbox Version)

Space RPG (Xbox Version)

Breakthrough Gaming LLCアクション & アドベンチャーロール プレイング
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War is here! A company of evil scientists have unleashed "monsters" across the planet, starting the apex of mass doom and panic for the resident people of earth! Is this rogue group really aliens or something else?! Now it's up to the brave men and women of the military among the world to battle and defeat these invaders! But everyone will soon see that it'll take more than strength alone to do it... Play today and watch the story unravel in Presents: Space! **This game is a work in progress! New stories to play are added to the game via free updates, so have fun seeing the game grow with each new update! Thank you for playing, watching, and reading!** [Game Features] -Multiple playable characters -Simple game play and controls -A game in the Space RPG series from [Character Profiles] [[[( Here are some of the guys and girls you'll play as on your adventure! )]]] Heather: A solider in the military. She is skilled in gymnastics and her parents are commanders in the military. "I thought I'd be in the military side by side with my boyfriend, but he's left me here all alone! Well... I'll show him! I'll be the best soldier in this stupid army, with or without him! It's the duty I've chosen! So... Which sword should I bring on my first solo mission?" Mark: A young man in town. Fall turns to spring, and the gears in his head are turning to figure out his next move for his life. Does a new adventure call to him after discovering something outside of town? Will he be brave and go? "Hmm... My dreams, huh? I'm taking care of my brother's two kids, but what do I want to do with MY life?!" Matt: The boyfriend of Heather. A soldier in the military. As the gears of his mind and heart turn, he decides he doesn't want to be in the army anymore, or date Heather either! Why does he change all of a sudden? "The effect of this war is going to be huge. But whatever happens, can someone tell me what's in it for me? Sure, payday as a soldier is nice, but I could end up dead if I stay enlisted here...! So what's next for me?" [This game is recommended for people who enjoy or are looking for...] -the Project: Summer Ice series -the My First Date RPG -simple, classic styled RPG with a deep story -a 2d pixel art RPG with Christian themes -space alien games -a JRPG with strong and compelling characters -Christian anime -girly games -manly games -games about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit -a game for men, woman, boys, and girls of all ages -stories about star clusters, planets, or the galaxy -an anime JRPG featuring Bible principles -Bible based games -a game for a boy or girl -games about wars and battles -JRPG dating sims -a futuristic romance story with action and adventure -a Romance game in the style of classic JRPG -faith based games -a Christian themed game that anyone can play and enjoy [Visit us online at our official website today!] [Watch our videos on YouTube today!] [Check out news about this and other games at our social media today!] Instagram: Twitter: Presents: Space © 2018-2021 Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. / All Rights Reserved. Built with: RPG Maker MV © 2015 GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES/YOJI OJIMA. All Rights Reserved. Additional credits for the RPG Maker MV engine can be viewed at:


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