Space Escape
Space Escape

Space Escape

Pixeland Games • Action & adventure • Platformer


Space Escape is a retro style platform pixel game. Your character automatically runs forward until bumping into something and then it runs in the opposite direction. Your only move you can control is having your character jump. In many cases this game requires extensive use of the double jump, often requiring you to jump into a wall and then jump again to move in the opposite direction. As you get into higher levels some of the traps can move just like enemies do. There are 4 power up types. Some of the power ups actually work against you. For instance, the power up which makes you run faster means you have less time to react before potentially running over spikes or running into an enemy. Other power ups can help you a lot. A power up which makes you smaller is helpful if you have to jump over spikes in a narrow passageway.

Published by

Pixeland Games

Playable on

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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