We believe that gaming should be:

Xbox avatar of a black woman with an orange cap holding out a light blue Xbox controller

Inclusive of all

Diversity is a strength. We strive to be inclusive by welcoming all people to our community, being open to new ideas and by celebrating the uniqueness of our fans.

Xbox avatar of a white man with a goatee in a wheelchair

Accessible to all

Nothing should come between you and the games you love. We strive to eliminate barriers and to empower gamers to customise the way they play.

Xbox avatar of a pregnant woman clasping her hands together near her face

Safe for all

Gaming is a fun part of a balanced life. We strive to create a place where everyone can play responsibly, within the boundaries they set, free from fear and intimidation.

Our philosophy in action

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, stands on a stage in front of the Xbox logo

A note from Head of Xbox Phil Spencer

Gaming must promote and protect the safety of all

Screenshot of Sea of Solitude showing a giant ice wolf looking at the main character

An Emotional Journey

Sea of Solitude shows how people experience different kinds of loneliness and how outsiders, family and friends deal with it.

Green and white Xbox lanyards in a pile

Gaming & Disability at GDC 2019

Mosaic of individual portraits of women who work at Xbox

Women transforming gaming

Celebrate the women at Xbox who are transforming the future of gaming.

Woman sitting on a sofa about to begin playing a game on Xbox

Safer Internet Day


How you can get involved

Group of gamers taking a picture together

Keep our community safe and fun

Gaming should be fun. Help us keep it that way by following our community standards, treating others with respect and kindness, and reporting bullies.

Three people smiling with controllers in their hands

Become an Xbox Ambassador

Xbox Ambassadors welcome and connect with fellow gamers, share their Xbox expertise, and are committed to creating a positive gaming community for everyone.

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Jump in

It’s gamers like you who make this the best place for gamers to unite in fun.
Now, go play—together!