Xbox FanFest


The fans have asked for it and we’re delivering. Xbox FanFest is now a combination of exclusive physical and digital events, content, sweepstakes, merch, and more! We are excited to allow more fans the ability to participate with the Xbox community. By registering for Xbox FanFest, you unlock exclusives across Xbox hosted events, promotions, and curated online experiences hosted just for you.

Previously, Xbox FanFest has been a series of physical events taking place around the globe, with limited access. We’re now expanding this programme to deliver fun and excitement to millions of passionate Xbox fans all over the world.

Xbox FanFest.

How to register as an Xbox FanFest fan:

  • Register at any time. Must be 18 years of age and older and have an existing Xbox profile.
  • Once you are registered, you can log back in at any time to view upcoming activities and offers that you can opt-in for. Check your email for updates on exclusives only for Xbox FanFest fans.
  • Be sure to follow #XboxFanFest, @Xbox on Twitter and other Xbox social channels for updates as well.
A mosaic of several illustrated objects including trophies, coins and Xbox controllers depicting Microsoft Rewards.

Register for FanFest and earn

  • Earn 100 Microsoft Rewards points upon registration.
  • Your participation in FanFest activities can also earn you additional points.
  • Upon completion of your FanFest registration we’ll provide a link to claim your Microsoft Rewards points.