Run Sausage Run!
Run Sausage Run!

Run Sausage Run!

QubicGames S.A. • 競速與飛行 • 動作與冒險
特價: 省下 NT$85.00, 6 天後結束
3 種支援語言
特價: 省下 NT$85.00, 6 天後結束
3 種支援語言
適合 15 歲 (含) 以上
輔導級 15 歲


Enjoy your short life as a hot dog playing SOLO or with FRIENDS! (up to 4 players) - Play as the tasty sausage of your choice. Weisswurst or blutwurst, bacon or chocolate… even president or ninja! - Run for your life and avoid getting sliced, chopped, burned, or smashed in this adventure run game! - Tons of juicy sausages to choose from and tons of hot dog skins to enjoy in this adventure run. - Compare the speed of your wursts in a classic Sausage Race or outrun a giant land mower in Panic Race! This adventure run is a hot dog’s dream - or nightmare - depending on how well you do.


QubicGames S.A.


Crazy Labs Ltd.




  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox 本機多人遊戲 (2-8)
  • 單一玩家
  • 分享/分割畫面
  • Xbox 成就
  • Xbox 雲端儲存
  • Xbox Live