Reserve Units
Reserve Units

Reserve Units

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The ‘Reserve Units’ pack contains the unique uniforms of units that were mainly deployed in the rear-lines, from the Italian "Carabinieri Reali" military police to the Austro-Hungarian “Standschützen” who were called up to defend the mountains of Tyrol. There are four mustaches and four facial items, plus one face for each faction. The ‘Reserve Units’ pack contains 40 items: - 6 Italian Uniforms - 8 Italian Headgear Items - 6 Austro-Hungarian Uniforms - 10 Austro-Hungarian Headgear Items - 4 Facial Items - 4 Mustaches - 2 Faces (one per faction) The Italian uniforms include those of the feared "Carabinieri Reali" military police units. These units were on occasion deployed in the frontlines and saw heavy combat. Their iconically archaic "Lucerna" hat harkens back to a different era. Both Carabinieri infantry and Officer uniforms are available. The other classes have uniforms including a tent roll on their respective class appearances, combined with a more battered look overall. The Austro-Hungarians gain the uniforms of the “Standschützen” mountain units, made up of determined old men and reservists called up to defend the mountains of Tyrol. There are also "ersatz" (replacement material) uniforms included. Made from distinctive corduroy material they are sure to stand out. A wide selection of typical ersatz and mountain caps are included, including caps with goggles and elite oak-leaves. The pack includes four incredible mustaches such as the well-known "Friedrich Nietzsche" and the peculiar mustache worn by "Maurice de Hirsch". Four facial items are included: elderly reservists were more likely to have spectacles so the pack comes with two sets of pince-nez glasses in the style of poet "WB Yeats" and German general "Max Hoffman". Rear-line messengers and motor couriers were also seen wearing iconic chauffeur goggles. A Hungarian smoking pipe is also included to round things off. NOTE: THIS DLC CONTAINS COSMETIC CONTENT ONLY.

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