Alpine Units
Alpine Units

Alpine Units

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The ‘Alpine Units’ pack contains uniforms and gear worn by units in the winter as well as a range of rough beards! Italian troops enjoy white winter camo, while the Austro-Hungarians button up with heavy greatcoats. There are five mustaches and beards, with three facial items, plus one face for each faction. The ‘Alpine Units’ pack contains 31 items: - 6 Italian Uniforms - 4 Italian Headgear Items - 6 Austro-Hungarian Uniforms - 5 Austro-Hungarian Headgear Items - 3 Facial Items - 5 Mustaches - 2 Faces (one per faction) The Italians have a collection of white snow smocks over their uniforms for each class. The mountaineer has matching white trousers and puttees. Also included is a series of hats and caps with snow goggles. The Austro-Hungarians get greatcoats for each class: the M1908 "Mantel". To weather the cold there are popped collars for the Kaiserjäger mountaineers and Kaiserschütze sharpshooter greatcoats, along with folded down feldkappe and "Pelzmütze" wool caps. The pack features five pieces of wintery facial hair, with four beards including those inspired by King George V and Tsar Nicholas II! Ski and glacier goggles are available plus an alpine ‘acorn’ smoking pipe. NOTE: THIS DLC CONTAINS COSMETIC CONTENT ONLY.

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