Dieselpunk Wars

Dieselpunk Wars

สำหรับอายุ 7 ปีขึ้นไป


Dieselpunk Wars is a vehicle-building game set in an open, vast world. Not only will you construct a war machine of your dreams, but also take it for a spin on the deserts, in the mountains or the swamp. The game offers over 300 unique elements, many different materials and paintable armors that will enable you to build a remarkable machine. Different types of armor, cannons, motors, wheels and drives will allow you to construct driving, floating and flying machines. Build fighters, transporters, tanks, destroyers, airships, and many more. Enjoy the freedom of creation! What’s important is that each element affects the behavior and combat capabilities of your vehicles. Because of that, you will have to take into consideration things such as air drag. You can either upgrade your vehicle for a mission or build it again and start over. And be careful, exploiting your engines too much may to their destruction – you don’t want them to catch fire, do you? Every destroyed element impacts the rest of your vehicle, its efficiency, and its endurance. Take part in massive battles, unleash the full potential of your vehicle and launch an invasion to conquer entire Islands in a single-player campaign. Discover the weaknesses of your enemies’ vessels and figure out their battle plans. You’ll have many different weapons to choose from, including missile launchers, machine guns, flamethrowers, torpedo launchers, bombs, depth charges, and crazy close combat weapons. Create the war machine of your dreams, make sure that it is made well enough to take a hit and start wiping out your enemies!






  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


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