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Открой невероятную игру в стиле 1920х, полную опасностей, обмана и драмы. Маленькая девочка. Ее воображаемый друг. Способности, позволяющие переходить из 3D мира в 2D мир теней. В игре CONTRAST: - переходите из 3D мира в 2-хмерный мир теней и обратно - решайте невероятные головоломки - используйте источник света и предметы из реального мира, чтобы создавать уникальные теневые ландшафты - откройте для себя новую историю и новый мир, в котором 'взрослые' темы переданы глазами ребёнка - окунитесь в яркий мир певцов кабаре, цирковых артистов и магии. Dev note (English): Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out CONTRAST. We’re really excited about the Xbox One version. It is the tightest version of the game we’ve made, and has had the advantage of the improvements that we’ve made since the initial launch of the game and the power of the Xbox One (believe it or not, dynamic shadows make for a pretty power hungry game). We made this game because we wanted to make something different. We wanted a simple, mature story – something that’s not “congratulations, here’s a fancy sword, go save the world!” – based around a mechanic that hadn’t been seen before. If you like games that are different or unique, set in different time periods, with unusual stories or new mechanics, then this might be a good game for you. If you like super-hard platformers, this isn’t that type of game. The average play time is roughly 4-5 hours, but it’s like most games based around puzzles – some of you will complete it faster or take longer to explore the world. But, we encourage you not to race through it – to us, CONTRAST is a performance, where every minute we’re trying to bring you something different. We suggest you find and read all the collectibles, if you’d like to fully understand the story (and to get the full sweet 1000 G). And, if you like it, feel free to come say hi on Twitter!


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