Team Jolly Roger, Advanced Interactive Gaming • Ação e aventura • Estratégia
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O modo multijogador online na consola requer uma subscrição Xbox (vendida separadamente).


Break the Space! Worbital is space war in real-time with tension-filled gameplay and gravitational destruction. Each player commandeers a planet, building support structures and increasingly powerful weapons. Use your weaponry to destroy enemy planets and wreak total havoc to the solar system. The goal: be the last civilization standing! INTERPLANETARY ARTILLERY WARFARE Exploit the shifting gravity by maneuvering your shots across space to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Sling asteroids, create black holes, make it rain with solar flares! COSMIC CHAOS Planets blow up. They might take other planets with them. Then the sun explodes. Then the real fun begins. PREPARATION, BUILDING, TACTICS Railguns, Lasers, World Rammers, Magnets, Orbit Boosters, Shield Defenses, Attack Ships, Colonizers… Pick your loadout from dozens of unique weapons! 100% PSEUDO-SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE Or: How we learned to stop worrying about realism and love the mayhem. HYPE-FILLED OBLITERATION OF YOUR CLOSE AND DISTANT FRIENDS Make your opponents scream with perfectly-timed attacks and defenses, and hope they’re still your friends the next day.

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Team Jolly Roger, Advanced Interactive Gaming
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Team Jolly Roger
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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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