ATV Renegades
ATV Renegades

ATV Renegades

Nighthawk Interactive • Akcja i przygoda • Wyścigowe i lotnicze
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Single Player World Tour features 6 tours to compete in, each consisting of four separate events. Single Player Quick Race allows the player to race against a definable number of CPU players at any unlocked event to practice or just for quick fun. Single Player Freestyle allows the player to complete in Freestyle (trick focused) events on any unlocked track. Multiplayer allows two players to complete head-to-head on any unlocked event via split-screen on a single game console. Tutorial shows how the game is played.

Opublikowane przez
Nighthawk Interactive
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Renegade Kid LLC
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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Lokalny tryb dla wielu graczy w usłudze Xbox (2-2)
Xbox Live