Galacticare Supporter Pack

Galacticare Supporter Pack

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Vereist een game
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Does "a golden Medi" and "comfortable and surprisingly dungeon-like rugs" pique your interest? Our Supporter Pack has got you covered! Alarming Cheese “Solar” “Stilton” is a centuries-old Ohde attempt at recreating a Terran delicacy. Class 7 biohazard. Makes everyone within its vicinity ferociously eager to puke. A lot. It won't do you much good, but we're not here to judge. The Medi Wears Prada Making Medibots dress up to fit your aesthetic is moral and good. If you don’t feel like the 15 skins already in the game are quite enough to achieve your preferred vibes, this “Paid Downloadable Content Pack” will unlock four more: Disco Ball Medi Dapper Medi Dr. Medi Protocol Medi Very Original Paintings Lovingly traced by the esteemed artist Van G'Ohde, these “unique” works are now most commonly seen next to motivational posters, ferns, or by toilets, to encourage healthy completion. Mohda Lisa Americohde Gothic Ohde with a Pearl Earring War for the Overworld ‘Merchandise’ Because marketing analytics tell us that shared universes bring in the big bucks, we’ve put in some bits from War for the Overworld that may or may not be canonical, depending on when we get around to writing that next game: War for the Overworld Arcade Machine Bard Hologram A series of lovely, WFTO-branded, dungeony rugs ATTENTION ALL HUMANS: this DLC, and its bits and bobs, are mostly there for those who want to chuck us a little extra dosh to support future development. Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy the game!

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