Club Tennis

Club Tennis

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CLUB TENNIS - Fun and Fast paced tennis game that can be picked up and played by all ages. Enjoy the game in single player mode, or play against family and friends in Two player party/show-down. Only the player with the quickest reflex and mastery of combos' will emerge as the Grand Champion! With 5 characters, 4 game modes available and multiple power shots, feel the excitement and intensity of a real tennis games from the comfort of your couch! Grand Slam Tournament: Proceed through a tournament, taking on increasingly higher seed opponents along the way, and capture the Grand Champion title. 2 Player Vs: Play split-screen through 2 Xbox controllers. Pit your skills against a human player, and indulge in long rally "party" with friends or "Smash" your foes with "kick-ass" combos. Quick Play: instant play with random players and courts. Time Trials: Get the highest scores within the time limits. Bonus time for each target hit. Smashing hits: Face-off waves of increasing aliens with your tennis racket, Space invader style! Game over when an alien reaches the net. Training : must have orientations for new players and those who want to refresh or hone their skills. Practice as many times as you like to master the BANANA ( spinning curve ball) or BLAZING Hot-Shot (Topspin Lob) combos. Also includes XBOX Live club, friends presence, social leaderboard, cloud restore and global leaderboard. Search no further, this is the ultimate "must-have" tennis game for your Xbox One game library.... FAQ : Why the controller vibrate ? The controllers will vibrate for a short 0.5 seconds when the game start, for identifications purpose. First controller will vibrate and follow by the second controllers in sequence. You can disable vibrate and sounds in the main screens. Why the game is very slow or not responding to my controller ? The game has under gone extensive Q.A on actual Xbox One device by our developers and Xbox Certification team achieving 58-60 fps consistently. If you encounter performance issues, please check and exit other games running in the background to free up memory and CPU resources. Why the scene looks dimmer in time trial and smash hits ? You practice during graveyard hours for free with the lights off! just joking.... by design, we want to create a more ambient environment with the lights off... Note : * The Umpire characters is a NPC by design, therefore you cannot unlock this character. But, can play against him in the tournament's match. ** Best gaming experience with two Xbox Controllers (recommended), but also support keyboard and mouse on the Desktop. *** By design, only one gamertag is allowed in two player mode. Game register the scores, and stats for the sign-in gamer tag only. **** Support split screen mode for local multiplayer only. ***** By design, Recipients of powershot has a small window of opportunity to return the shot if it lands very near the player. ****** XBOX cloud. Restore for a new installations only. In-order for full cloud restore to work, you need to uninstall the game completely from the target machine. ******* You can ONLY unlock new players in grand-slam tournament. You will not unlock the players defeated in Quick match. Lastly, don't hesitate to contact us via the email or Facebook chat ( links provided), if you have any queries, suggestions or questions regarding the game. thanks u folks! PLEASE REVIEW ALL THE TRAILERS AND ACTUAL GAMEPLAY VIDEOS BEFORE PURCHASE, DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE OR UNSURE ABOUT THE MINIMUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS. ( See YouTube Link below ) FYI, PRICE INCREASE AFTER BETA... YouTube: Facebook:

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Local multiplayer
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR10
  • Single player
  • Shared/split screen
  • Variabele vernieuwingsfrequentie
  • Aanwezigheid Xbox
  • Xbox-clubs
  • Xbox-opslag in de cloud
  • Xbox Live