Treachery in Beatdown City: Ultra Remix

Treachery in Beatdown City: Ultra Remix

NuChallenger • アクション & アドベンチャー • 格闘 • ロール プレイング • その他
5 個のサポート言語
5 個のサポート言語
16 才以上対象
16 才以上


Treachery in Beatdown City Ultra Remix is an innovative Dark Comedy Brawling Action Tactics game. FIGHT THE POWER The US president Blake Orama has been kidnapped by Ninja Dragon Terrorists! Three unique heroes, Lisa Santiago, Bruce Maxwell and Brad Steele, must use their distinct fighting styles and combat skills to fight everyone under the sun in order to rescue him. Use Lisa’s icey boxing style to throw punches and strike fear into your enemies with her MMA skills; throw your opponents like ragdolls with Brad’s professional wrestling moves, or let your Glow shine with Bruce’s deadly Jeet Kune Do martial arts and capoeira style. BRING THE PAIN Select from a huge variety of attacks designed to lay your enemies out flat. Mix them up with completely unique custom combos filled with grapples and finishers, and inflict an array of status ailments to finish them off. Corrupt cops, entitled joggers, affluent punks, preppy jocks, angry socialites, bikers, ninjas, terrorists, ninja terrorists (?) and over 100 more distinct class based enemies will learn what it’s like to be on the corner of Mess Around Ave. and Find Out Blvd. MEAN STREETS Explore the streets of Beatdown City. Tread through murky underground subways, the overbearing indulgence of Times Square, the winding streets of Chinatown, all the way to the top of the pristine Moneybags News Network building. KICK OUT THE JAMS Take back the power while listening to new and original tracks by Inverse Phase, creator of albums such as Pretty Eight Machine and The Chipping Of Isaac.




NuChallenger/Hurakan Works


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • シングルプレイヤー
  • PC ゲーム パッド
  • Xbox One X Enhanced
  • Xbox 実績
  • Xbox クラウド セーブ
  • Xbox Live