Winter Pack
Winter Pack

Winter Pack

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To celebrate the festive season, we're giving all players The Winter Pack as a free gift, it is the season of giving after all! Download the Winter Pack and get festive with the following new content: A new makeshift hand grenade: • Snowball: Throw with the intent to stagger but not kill - to be jolly and not homicidal. A snowball fight is a always fun and games, until someone loses an eye. Remember, play ice! Three new fashion apparels: • Buttercup headgear: 'Tis the season of a strange Veles. Horrible visibility, highly flammable and with questionable street cred. • Red Danger headgear: Warm your nose and make a statement to boot. A bright red nose like a true alpha, and antlers for immediate intimidation. Don't listen to the fools that say you look silly. • Festive shirt: A festive Winter T-shirt Happy Winter!

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