Turbo Titans Car Pack

Turbo Titans Car Pack

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The Turbo Titans Car Pack injects a powerful shot of adrenaline into Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure with a diverse fleet of five incredible vehicles. Each machine is crafted with a completely unique persona, designed to refresh your game with a variety of new racing experiences and tactics. • Javelin: This dragster’s streamlined body and powerful engine make it the epitome of straight-line speed. • X-Stream: A futuristic dune buggy with a flexible open suspension, the X-Stream turns desert dunes into thrilling playgrounds. • Extinguisher: With the Extinguisher monster fire truck, you'll tower over the competition, combining raw power with a heart of service. • Killawatt: A sleek electric supercar that hums with power, the Killawatt embodies pure speed. • Warhawk: Made from the fuselage of an old fighter plane, this rugged three-wheeler thrives in rough terrain. All new cars come unlocked and ready to play! Complete the vehicle missions to unlock an exclusive gold skin for each car and brag about that bling. With a range of fast, powerful, quirky and bold car designs, the Turbo Titans Car Pack offers exciting new racing experiences for your favorite off-road kart racing game!

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