The Callisto Protocol - Final Transmission

The Callisto Protocol - Final Transmission

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The biophage virus threatens to spread beyond the walls of Black Iron Prison. Fight through the derelict penitentiary in a last-ditch attempt to retrieve Mahler’s data, get it off Callisto and redeem yourself. ONE LAST JOB Black Iron Prison is in ruins and crawling with biophage. But your work on Callisto isn't finished yet. Survive the horrors lurking in the shadows long enough to retrieve Dr. Mahler’s research and transmit it off-world. Discover the harrowing depths of Mahler’s experiments and the vast reach of Kallipolis’ influence. TERRIFYING NEW ENEMY Not only must you face the monstrosities and Security Units lurking the halls of Black Iron but a new abomination – part biophage, part machine – now stalks the crumbling prison. Keep your guard up and use every weapon at your disposal to destroy these powerful new enemies. HAMMER TIME The terrors lurking Black Iron are imposing... but so are you. Acquire the all-new Kinetic Hammer to take down hordes of biophage. Use the heavy-hitting hammer to bludgeon a single biophage and crowd control multiple enemies at once or use the charged heavy attack to deal massive damage and dismember your adversaries.

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