Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands
Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands

Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands

Johnny Ostad • Aksi & petualangan • Klasik • Bermain peran
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A Story-Rich RPG/Action-Adventure Game, made by one person over a span of three years. On a quest to prove herself to the goddess Illeria and becoming her champion, the young Elf Rynna has ventured into the Sacred Lands. This beautiful yet treacherous place can only be left by finishing the trial designed by the goddess herself. While exploring the nine zones, Rynna will encounter many wanderers who came before her. Some are already dead, with their ghosts lingering about, while others have survived and set up shop to assist anyone brave enough to finish the trial. The trial of the Sacred Lands is not a simple one. Our heroine must venture into dark dungeons, solve puzzles, and battle ancient horrors. If she succeeds, she will not only become Illeria's champion but she will also free all others trapped in the Sacred Lands.. Features: - Explore 9 large zones and caves. - Upgrade your gear by talking to the inhabitants of the land. - Craft Potions and Elixirs. - Find Artifact Orbs to permanently increase your stats. - Venture into dark dungeons and face ancient bosses. - Discover Lore Books to better understand the world of Shalnor. - Encounter many enemies, puzzles, and traps.

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Johnny Ostad

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Johnny Ostad

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