Premium Upgrade
Premium Upgrade

Premium Upgrade

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The Premium Upgrade is designed to make the Minion Master experience feel more premium. It will increase how quickly you gain Cards, Masters and Arenas. It will also give you a big initial boost of resources to start building your minion collection right away, and 6 extra deck slots to help you experiment with new epic minion battle strategies! The Premium Upgrade contains: 50% GOLD WIN BONUS FOREVER This will give you a massive boost to your gold gain, allowing you to grind cards and master's much faster! +20% XP WIN BONUS FOREVER FOREVER! With unlimited leveling in the game, this unique bonus will boost your gameplay forever! 2500 Rubies A mountain of Rubies! It’s enough to buy a lot of Masters, plus extra Cards, Arenas or Skins. 500 Shards Shards are small wonderful stones that you can use to craft specific cards and masters. 5 SPIN TOKENS Each Spin token will give you 1 random card/minion of any rarity. One guaranteed Rare card! 6 EXTRA DECK SLOTS You will have 6 extra deck slots tied to your account, so you can create and experiment with new ways to destroy your opponents! Note: This upgrade can only be bought once per account.

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  • Xbox Series X|S


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