Pinball FX - Star Trek™ Pinball Trial

Pinball FX - Star Trek™ Pinball Trial

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Boldly go, where no one has gone before in Star Trek™ Pinball! Explore 3 tables based on the fan favorite movies and TV series of the franchise ranging from classics to the present day, and live long and prosper on the leaderboards! This pack includes: Star Trek™ Pinball: Kelvin Timeline: Experience the vision of the newest trilogy of Star Trek blockbuster movies in this epic table. Join Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise on their mission to discover new civilizations, form alliances and neutralize threats to the Federation. Star Trek™ Pinball: Discovery: Michael Burnham and the shipmates of the U.S.S. Discovery rely on your pinball prowess, as you play through iconic moments from the first four seasons of the series. Make contact with the residents of 10-C and utilize the time loop for victory! Star Trek™ Pinball: Deep Space Nine: Travel to the edges of the final frontier and arrive at the space station Deep Space 9! Use your pinball skills to lead the crew and Captain Benjamin Sisko in ending the Dominion War.

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