Pinball FX - Game Night Pinball Volume 1 Trial

Pinball FX - Game Night Pinball Volume 1 Trial

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Get ready for a game-changing experience as Zen Studios partners up with Asmodee to bring you three tables based on the best tabletop games. Step into a new realm of pinball, and remember, just like with the dice, a single flip can change everything. Terraforming Mars Pinball: The race for taming the Red Planet has begun! Run one of the mega-corporations and use your pinball skills to raise the oxygen level, heat up the planet, and create vast oceans on your way to the top of the leaderboards. Gloomhaven™ Pinball: Delve into the world of Gloomhaven as mercenaries! Infiltrate the Inox Encampment, defeat Jekserah’s army of corpses among other adventures to enter the Void and confront The Gloom! Exploding Kittens®: A Pinball Cat-astrophe: Complete main modes inspired by the kitty-powered card game, clean the Transdimensional Litter Box, and collect famous Tacocat, Cattermelon, and other cards to get the highest scores. © Copyright Fryxgames. All rights reserved. Copyrights and trademarks used under license from Asmodee Group SAS. The Asmodee Entertainment name and logo are ™ and © 2019-2023 Asmodee Entertainment Ltd/Asmodee Group SAS. Terraforming Mars and the Fryxgames logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Fryxgames AB. © 2023, Cephalofair Games, LLC. All rights reserved. ™ and © 2019-2023 Asmodee Group SAS and/or its affiliates © 2023 Exploding Kittens.

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