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As Mar’Dred, the Prince of Nightmares emerges from the void, he brings his demonic legions with him into our world to seed chaos... The Nightmares Faction Box will provide you with Voidborne trickery you’ll need to lay waste to those foolish enough to oppose you. Containing +300% value of Voidborne cards, including the sneaky Mal’Shar and 2 exclusive Voidborne cosmetics. Includes: 3x Mal’Shar Shadowfork (Legendary!) 5x Demon Warrior (Supreme) 20x Shadow Whelp 50x Dragon Ball 50x Boomer 5x Power Tokens 1x Legendary Emote - Animated! 1x Supreme Avatar Surprise your opponents with the trickery of the Voidborne. Use your invisible Shadow Whelp to sneak past enemy lines and damage the enemy Master to enable Voidborne Wound, which creates bonuses for many Voidborne cards, such as the Boomer. Or you can just toss a dragon over in your enemy’s arena with Dragon Ball. Win the game by creating an invisible army with Mal’Shar, or summon Demon Warrior enough times to have her triple in size!

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