High Octane Moto Pack

High Octane Moto Pack

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Unleash the unstoppable energy of two-wheeled racing with the "High Octane Moto Pack" for Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure. Experience the roar of engines and the rush of wind against your face as you commandeer three unique motorcycles, each boasting its own distinct characteristics and designed to redefine your racing experience. • Sandstorm: A rugged dirt bike built for off-road dominance. • Blade 1000R: A turbocharged street beast that's all about speed and precision. • Pulsar: A fusion-powered superbike featuring magnetic-suspension and a glowing powerframe. All new motorcycles come unlocked and ready to play! Complete the vehicle missions to unlock an exclusive gold skin for each bike and brag about that bling. The High Octane Moto Pack enhances every twist and turn of the racetracks you know and love with the heart-stopping excitement of two-wheeled racing. Are you ready to kick into high gear?

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