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13 idiomas admitidos
13 idiomas admitidos
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Banished from your homeland for believing that dwarfs can live above ground, you decide to build a new town that will attract other dwarves who share the same vision. Become a leader and keep your townspeople safe and happy by completing quests, crafting items and fighting off enemies. The bigger your town, the bigger your adventure! Features: - Build a town with over 60 structures including farms, breweries, weapon smiths and cooks - Explore the world and its many creatures in numerous dungeons, caves, mines and more - Complete quests and manage your town to ensure the citizens are safe and happy - Craft over 100 items from armor and weapons to decor for your home - Fight dangerous enemies in a fast-paced, action combat system

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Silesia Games Sp. z o.o.

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Super Six Studios

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