Gods Will Fall - DLC Part 3

Gods Will Fall - DLC Part 3

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Unlock new skills and items in your arsenal and step into the realm of Chaos, where the stakes constantly change and face a creature unlike anything that's come before. Slumbering in an upturned world devoid of time or place lies Anord Rith, a forgotten lord of the ancient age of chaos. Formed of three monstrous greatworms, she’s an adversary that's unpredictable with her multi-pronged attack style. An Unprecedented New Realm Enter the mind-bending realm of chaos, home to a new god, Anord Rith. Three New Items Mead Horn, Life Rune, Whetstone Three New Skills Precision Striker, Best Foot Forward, Anger of the Clans Valley of the Dormant Gods, Part 3 is the final instalment of the Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC episodes and is automatically available for those who own the Valiant Edition of Gods Will Fall.

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