Gods Will Fall - DLC Part 1

Gods Will Fall - DLC Part 1

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The island of the gods has been conquered and your clan of warriors have battled their way to victory, breaking the gods' grip on humanity. Now the ranks of the merciless gods are swelled by the awakening of new evil in "Valley of the Dormant Gods, Part 1" - the first of 3 Gods Will Fall DLC episodes. Perched on his mountaintop throne, Yaltogguth has watched your fearless warriors cleave his brethren from the land. Venture towards him with your brave fighters and welcome a new breed of warrior. Equipped with lethal gauntlets, the Brawler is perfectly suited to rip through the hordes of new minions your clan will face. Part 1 includes: - A new realm: a mountainous realm to explore with a new god to defeat - Yaltogguth, the god of Eyes. - A new weapon class: the Brawler, equipped with gauntlets. - Three new items: Blood Moss, Bone Quake and War Paint. - Three new skills: Agile Warrior, Momentum of War and Parry Master. - Warriors' Garb: new clothing items for your clan. Valley of the Dormant Gods Part 1 will automatically update for those who own the Valiant Edition of Gods Will Fall.

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