Generation Zero® - Reinforced Flakmoped Pack

Generation Zero® - Reinforced Flakmoped Pack

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Cover more ground and do it faster with this fleet of flakmopeds. These three-wheel motorbikes make it quick to get where you need to be or escape the reach of hostile machines. Flakmopeds are light but durable and feature a front flatbed that can carry other Resistance fighters. With unique upgrades and modifications, this specialized fleet gives you new ways to battle the machines. Meet your fleet: - Stridsflak: Damage machines by crashing into them with this heavily fortified flakmoped. It's ready for the impact – the machines are not. Carry other players in the flatbed. There’s a front shield to protect them while they take aim. Stridsflak has extra hit points, too. - Terrängflak: Rugged terrain is no problem with this offroader. It's equipped with deep treads and robust suspension to get you and your flatbed passengers across uneven ground faster. - Bruksflak: In this world, you need to be ready for anything. That makes this utility flakmoped indispensable. It's got a workbench instead of a flatbed, giving you a Plundra storage box, a crafting station, and a recycling station in the field. Change weapons, craft ammo, store loot. Bruksflak gives you options when you need them. All flakmopeds in the fleet are available in red, blue, green, and yellow.

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