Generation Zero® - Motorbikes Pack

Generation Zero® - Motorbikes Pack

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You can now travel through Östertörn on new types of Motorbikes! It’s faster. It’s louder. It’s more exciting! The motorbikes will get you places quicker, but they’ll need fuel to drive. Plan your travel strategically so you won't run out of gasoline unexpectedly, and be sure to check out abandoned cars and gas stations and find jerry cans to fuel up. Or craft the fuel by yourself! You can ride on 3 different models. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses: Dirt Bike: Lets you go offroad! It’s powerful enough to drive through vegetation without much of an issue. Military Motorcycle: Big and clunky but very fast! Not the easiest one to drive but definitely not easy to destroy! Resistance Bike: Truly resistant motorbike built by the Resistance! The armor around it is made with destroyed machine parts and scrap. Each motorbike comes with 4 color variations so you can choose the one that matches your 80s style. Motorbikes are loud, so they can attract enemies if you ride near them. Also remember that they might need repairing from time to time! You can scavenge repair kits or craft your own - the choice is yours.

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