Frost Dragon's Lair
Frost Dragon's Lair

Frost Dragon's Lair

BetaDwarf • Kartu & papan • Arena Bertarung Multipemain Online • Strategi
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Interaksi Pengguna, In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)

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Frost Dragon’s Lair DLC is a great +300% value bundle that gives you what you need to build your own Stoutheart deck, including the legendary Scott the Sensitive Savage! It also gives you a headstart in this month’s Season Pass. Includes: 3x Scott the Sensitive Savage (SaltyBarbarian) (Legendary) 5x Mountain Gale (Supreme) 20x Log Tosser (HighlandLogger) 40x Frostfeathers (Owl) 40x Woodsman 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises) 3x Season Pass Tiers Stoutheart love to fight almost as much as they love to party. Play two Stoutheart minions close to each other to trigger the Revelry mechanic, and the fun-loving mountain folk will back each other up in various ways! You can even use Mountain Gale to speed up your Stouthearts and gain more Revelry while your Frostfeathers swoop in and slow down your opponents.

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